Amutha Anpananthar

Amutha works as an NHS paediatrician subspecialising in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, looking after parents/carers and children on a daily basis.

Amutha has over 10-years’ experience in simulation and human factors. She writes training that is delivered in the classroom, online and “on the shop floor”, using her debriefing skills for learning and identifying errors in the system. She also debriefs critical events. She develops bespoke courses for a variety of staff of different levels.

Amutha is a Regional Training Program Director with the London School of Paediatrics.

Amutha graduated from University College London with a BSc in Pharmacology (2001), Medicine (2004) and MSc in Advanced Paediatrics and Child Health (2014). Amutha is currently completing her PG Certificate in Clinical Education.

Amutha has presented at both national and international conference and has published. Amutha instructs on trauma courses and Paediatric Life support courses.

Amutha is a (retired) amateur netballer and hence working in a team has always been part of Amutha’s life since primary school!