High Stakes Training focusses on the non-technical skills; the skills that have tragic consequences if done poorly, hence the “stakes are high”.

Welcome to High Stakes Training. We offer training solutions for safety critical and high stakes industries.

Our focus is on Human Factors, non-technical skills and the skills that raise the bar of the service you offer. Our trainers have accumulated decades of experience in delivering engaging performance-focussed education materials.

As well as strong teaching credentials, all our trainers have first-hand experience of working with people in crisis situations and have developed skills for managing this work.

We offer courses that will improve how you work in safety focussed and front-facing jobs, offering courses carefully designed to benefit anyone working in critical industries and bespoke courses written to meet the specific needs of your team.

Our core faculty will design and deliver high quality training that meets your needs and exceeds expectation and can deliver the training for your team where you are or in a range of appealing venues across London.

Our aim is to offer the highest quality learning experience that makes candidates feel stimulated and well looked after.

Our Aims

To intellectually stimulate and stretch clients
Delivered by unconventional thinkers who are expert and bright
Safety, reliability, assuredness
Looking to deliver important training with a fresh approach

Our Courses

Our Trainers