Gomathy Kandasamy

Gomathy qualified in medicine in 1996 following which she did her post graduate training in anaesthesia in Kent, North Yorkshire, SouthWest London and North East London. She has been a Consultant Anaesthetist in Barts Health NHS Trust since 2007. She has been involved in Medical Education since 2005 when she undertook a fellowship in Simulation in Medical Training. She then became Medical Lead for Simulation and Human Factors training in 2008 at Whipps Cross University Hospital until 2019. Over the years she has developed and honed her knowledge base in; education, decision making, expertise, performance and team working in a high stakes environment. She has developed many courses over the years for various learner groups both medical, allied medical and non-clinical, some of which have now been assimilated into the training curriculum of medical training programs. She continues to be interested in how professionals and experts think in a crisis and more importantly, how to help them be as effective as they can be in these situations. 

In her spare time, she is regularly taken for walks by her greyhound, Biscuit.