Aaron McCarthy

Aaron McCarthy started his professional life as a music producer working in New York. He has travelled literally and metaphorically a long way and retrained as a leadership coach and trainer having found himself naturally in leadership and change management roles in the entertainment industry.

His roles have included Executive Coach, Head of Operations, Change Manager and People and Culture Specialist in a variety of industries. He honed his leadership skills through further studies in Leadership and Management, Project Management Six Sigma, Psychology of Anxiety and Stress, and Human Resources. He is also a certified Master Executive Coach.

His focus on emotional intelligence and conflict resolution as the Head of People and Company Culture at Kyra TV reflects his commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment that champions diversity, equity, and well-being.

Aaron leverages his keen understanding of human resources to overcome obstacles and facilitate sustainable business growth and a culture of acceptance.

Aaron is knowledgeable in digital transformation and uses technology in his forward-thinking and adaptive leadership style.