Megan Hall-Jackson

Megan Hall-Jackson has worked for 17 years in the NHS as a Medical Educator. She has extensive experience of training, debriefing and learning from real incidents.

Her work in the NHS, as a safety critical industry, has meant she has developed transferable skills for other high stakes industries.

Megan is the Managing Director of High Stakes Training and currently works in the University of East London as a Senior Lecturer of Simulation and Immersive Technologies.

Megan trained as a Midwife in 1996 and maintains her registered Midwife Status through clinical teaching experience. She has B.Med Sci Hons in Midwifery and a MA in Clinical Education from the Institute of Education.

Megan has a strong interest in psychological wellbeing related to working in safety critical industries and Human Factors. She has presented internationally and published, most notably;-
“Simulation; the power of what hurts” Medical Education. 2019. Authors;- Daniel Turton, Kay Buchan, Megan Hall-Jackson and Caroline Pelletier. And, “Learning from failure: exploring the
psychodynamics of work in a clinical simulation centre”. Article in Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society. 2019 [in press], both in collaboration with Kay Buchan, within the High Stakes Training